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Natural Breast Enhancement Surgery Overview

Pills for breast enhancement may contain blessed thistle, dong quai, fennel seed, and fenugreek. Although all of these herbs appear to have the ability to increase estrogen levels in the body, the safety of using them is still hotly debated because heightened levels of estrogen have been correlated with the development of uterine and breast cancer. Indeed, some experts note that breast enlargement pills could have an impact on a woman's menstruation, fertility, and pregnancy. Check with your doctor to make sure that the pills you intend to take for breast enhancement are safe and likely to produce results.


Many women use creams to try to enhance the size of their breasts. Creams often work using the same principles as pills. They contain herbs that increase estrogen levels in the body, thereby increase water retention in the breasts. Some creams claim to stimulate the new growth of breast tissue.

Some women use a combination of creams and pills to try to obtain bigger breasts. It is, however, important to check with your doctor to make sure that the cream you intend to use is safe and contains ingredients that may actually work to produce effect you're going for.


The BRAVA system is a new technological breakthrough that causes breast tissue to expand through the use of gentle suctioning. Women wear a BRAVA bra for at least 10 hours a day for at least 10 weeks (they must be religious about wearing the device) to increase their bust by about 1 cup size. The bra has been clinically proven to work, and after the breasts have been enlarged using the BRAVA system, the results are permanent.

Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer for breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves the harvest of fat cells from one area of the body for use to enlarge the breasts. The procedure involves three basic steps. First, liposuction is used to harvest the fatty tissues. Then, the fat is purified before being reintroduced into the body. And finally, the purified fat cells are inserted into the breasts through small incisions made in a circular pattern in the breast tissue.

Do Natural Breast Enhancement Treatments Work?

There is some debate about the usefulness of pills and creams in enhancing the size of the breasts. Indeed, the safety of some breast enlargement pills and creams is also debated. However, the BRAVA system has been clinically tested and has shown promising results and new technologies in the purification process of fat cells have increased the effectiveness of fat transfer surgery on breast enlargement. For women who are looking for an alternative to breast implants, BRAVA and fat transfer for breast augmentation have shown the most reliable and safest results.

How to Use This Web Site is a one-stop resource for women who are seeking out breast implant alternatives to get the physique they have always wanted. This web site can provide you with detailed information about BRAVA and fat transfer for breast enhancement as well as data about the approximate cost of each. If you're seriously considering one of these two procedures, can help you prepare for the treatment so that you can get the best results from it. And finally, take a look at the before and after photos to see for yourself how BRAVA and fat transfer for breast enlargement have helped other women achieve a larger bust size without having to use breast implants to do it.

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